Wendy Skean is unique in the world of endurance mountain bike racing. Since she is older than the parents of most of those she competes against, she has a special place in the hearts of all those who have seen her ride. Wendy has been mountain biking and mountain bike racing since she was 45, which was 20 years ago.  As she has grown older, she has continued to push herself with longer and more challenging events.  Easily recognizable on her trademark green bike and wearing her pink jersey, Wendy has become a mainstay at the best endurance races in the west.  Now with numerous 100 mile mountain bike races and 24 hour solo events under her belt, she is moving up to the next level and competing in multi day mountain bike races. Her first was in July, 2009 at the Breck Epic in Breckenridge Colorado. 

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wendy skean

“The race winners may have ridden twice as fast as I did, but they didn't have any more fun or greater feeling of accomplishment.”

-Wendy Skean

after the 2009 Breck Epic

It is about the bike.